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What to Wear to Oktoberfest

What to Wear to Oktoberfest

People attend the largest folk festival in the world dressed up in various traditional and modern Bavarian outfits. Visitors at Oktoberfest blend in easily with the correct dress. This article discusses what to wear to Oktoberfest for both men and women.

What to Wear to Oktoberfest — For Women

Although there several versions of the Oktoberfest outfit, the idea remains the same: A Bavarian Dirndl made up of a fitted dress over a white, puffy blouse with a deep-cut that shows the woman’s cleavage, and a bow-tied apron around the waist.

The position of the bow on the apron has some significance. For instance, a woman is single if the bow is tied on the left side, taken if it’s on the right side, and a virgin if it’s in the middle.

The length of a traditional Dirndl dress usually goes below the knee, while the ones for Halloween costumes are shorter. Although both lengths are acceptable, the locals usually prefer the longer ones differentiating them from visitors. Brooches, jewellery, and scarves can be used.

Flat shoes are preferred partly because it conforms with the tradition and partly for ease of moving around. Wear covered shoes to protect your toes in case of accidents with beer mugs. Don’t use heels so as not to hurt your feet from the long walks and prolonged standing. Although plain leather loafers were traditionally used in the past, simple sneakers or ballet flats will do.
Also growing in popularity is the female lederhosen particularly among Non-indigenes of Bavaria. The female lederhosen are a high-cut shorts with suspenders.

What to Wear to Oktoberfest — For Men

The Oktoberfest outfit for men consists of Lederhosen shorts, button up long-sleeved shirt, hat, and shoes. The shirts can be plain white or checkered. Some men wear jackets and vests too.

Various styles of lederhosen exist including the longer Plattlerhosen extending below the knee, Bundhosen, and the embroidered Gauplattlerhosen. There are a variety of hats to choose from including floppy farmers hat, wool hats in the shape of a beer mug, and Bavarian hats.

The wool and Bavarian hats usually have feathers attached on the side. The feathers are a sign of status and people can tell how wealthy you are through the size of feathers on your cap. It is also common to for people to wear hats with lapel pins on the side showing their interests and places they’ve visited.

The Trachten are the most popular shirts. They come in different colours and have buttons on the arm to allow rolling up the sleeves. You can also find slim-fitting Trachten shirt. Having suspenders, no matter the size of your shorts is the norm. Haferlschuh is the traditional footwear for men. People have added vest (called Prien) which are used in place of suspenders, jackets, and ties to the outfit.


To add some Oktoberfest flair, get a Wiesn Glupperl (a wooden clothespin on which a person’s first name or favourite phrase can be written using a burner). It can help you start conversations with people who react to what you’ve written. Also, the colours of Bavaria are white and blue. So, ensure that you incorporate that into whatever you choose to wear.

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