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What Foods to Enjoy at Oktoberfest

There is always an abundance of genuine German wines and freshly brewed beers for everyone present. But the beers alone do not make the festival. Just as it was first celebrated over two centuries ago, Oktoberfest is marked with lots of delicious Bavarian delicacies as well as German beers.The feasting has since continued with millions of participants each year. A great variety of local dishes and snacks sold at the large party. Below are some foods to enjoy at Oktoberfest festivals.

Bavarian Brez’n – Tasty Oktoberfest Pretzels

The Bavarian Oktoberfest is famed for its soft pretzels called Brez’n which are enjoyed with mustard sausage and beer. You can always find the extra-large Brez’n combination to go with your beer.

Bratwurst & Currywurst – Oktoberfest Sausage

Bratwurst marinated with beer and served with frankfurter rolls can be eaten at any time of day. Bratkartoffeln, Salami Pizza, Obazda, and Currywurst served with a German Brötchen are some great snacks to enjoy at Oktoberfest in Wies’n.

Weisswurst – The White sausage

The Weisswurst is usually served for breakfast with a huge mug of wheat beer. Because the sausage cannot be eaten with its skin, the meat is usually sucked out from one of its open ends.

Sauerkraut – Oktoberfest Cabbage

Sauerkraut combines well with several traditional Bavarian dishes. This fermented cabbage adds a distinctive traditional flavour to meals and is present in various dishes served at Oktoberfest. There is also a sweeter, red variety called the Rotkohl

Seafood – Oktoberfest Cuisines

Bread rolls served with fishes, crabs, and shrimps sauced with mayonnaise is a good food to enjoy at Oktoberfest. Also available are grilled fish as well as other rich, tasty seafood cuisines specially made for Oktoberfest.

Roast OX – Time for Beef

Slowly roasted meat has been part of the traditions at Oktoberfest for over a century. Combine the meat with vegetables, potatoes, and red wine sauce for a great Oktoberfest meal.

Rotisserie Chicken – The Chicken Dish

Chickens prepared in various ways form part of the local dishes enjoyed at the Weis’n. Whole rotisserie chickens are a common food at Oktoberfest with over half a million chickens consumed at the festival each year.

Schweinshaxe – Some Pork

Oktoberfest won’t be complete without taking a bite on the Bavaria local pickled ham specialty, the Schweinshaxe. Enjoyed with a heap of traditional sauerkraut and mashed potatoes it makes for a tasty meal that will leave you full all day.

Dampfnudle – Steamed Noodle

Make room for the Vegetarians! Dampfnudle is a bread dumpling that can be enjoyed with vegetable, herbs, and cheese as a vegetarian main meal. Served with hot cherries, vanilla sauce and butter it can make for a great dessert too.

Some Sugars – Finally!

The list of foods to enjoy at Oktoberfest will not be complete without the sugars. From Gebrannte Mandeln and Schmalzkuchen to caramelized nuts and Nutella crepe, the Weis’n has a lot for those with a sweet tooth.

Chicken dish

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