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The Greatest Microbreweries

Also called Craft beer, the best description for microbreweries is the beer made from small, traditional and independent brewers rather than one made by a mega-brewery company. From Stouts to lagers to IPA, from Virginia to Mississippi, the microbrew scene is an interesting one. The reoccurrence of the craft beer provides opportunities more than ever to enjoy hand male ales and beers for the best of the nation’s microbreweries. As of early January, there has been a massive increase in the number of microbreweries in the US to over 5300 a long way off the 298 number of breweries in 1990. Here are some of the best microbreweries.


Originating from Andechs Germany, the Doppelbock Dunkel is one of the best highly regarded beers in the world. Benedictine monks brew the double bock at Kloster Andechs Benedictine monastery in Bavaria. The brewery makes use of the German Beer Purity law called Reinheitsgebot. The ruling means they use only water, barley, yeast, and hops. The drink has a reddish tint and is brown with a creamy copper head. The robust flavor made of malty sweetness and cocoa with figs and dates in the background.  The finely brewed beer is an example of the Benedictine brewing tradition that has been around at Klosterbrauerei Andechs since the mid-1400’s.


The black Abbey brewing is, and old world inspires brewery that goes back to the creator Martin Luther a fryer and Protestantism, and the Trappist bees that Martin might have enjoyed for once before. If you’d been to Belgium before, you would know that the beers there are in all flavors and colors as a result of several years of experimentation. Though the Black Abbey does not have many years behind them, they have a solid foundation to stand on. The colors of brews you can enjoy at the Black Abbey is nearly like going on a trip to Brussel. Either you are a newbie with no taste preference or an experienced drinker with a soft for bitter, there is something for everyone.


The Maui craft beer is a crisp, light and smooth drinking beer that portrays the magical feeling of relaxing amid tropical breeze. The Maui Brewing company infuses the agriculture of the Island into its brews. In this scenario, it means that pineapples use is from the Maui Gold Pineapple company grown on the edge of Haleakala. The wheat ale pours a light golden hue, and also reliable white joined with a noticeable aroma of similar tropical fruit.  The flavor is like the aroma but slightly sweet, it’s not that over the top, and the taste of the fruit is more dominant after swallowing. In combination with the pineapple notes, you should expect breadiness due to the wheat in the malt bill.


If you are looking to enjoy the best of microbreweries, these companies will give you a great experience. However, you can also look out to other best breweries around.

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