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The Best Oktoberfest Festival to Attend in Europe

Although the original festival happens in Munich, the festival takes place in other parts of the world. Below is a list to help you pick the best Oktoberfest festival to attend in Europe.

Munich, Germany

The birthplace of the over 200 years old festival, Munich hosts one of the best Oktoberfest festivals in Europe. The Oktoberfest is the largest festival in the world, pulling over 6 million people each year. The Bavarian party is celebrated with tasty local delicacies and lots of beer.

Madrid, Spain

Taking place in central Spain, “La Oktoberfest” offers delicious Bavarian dishes, and of course, German beer! The popularity of the festival requires you to make reservations for a table. It’s held at the WiZink Center for just three days each year.

Gdansk, Poland

Enjoy one month of Oktoberfest with beer at the Brovarnia brewery in Gdansk! It is a place full of history and great for celebrating the historical Oktoberfest festival.

Genoa, Italy

Genoa hosts the Oktoberfest festival in Italy. The festival is great for families featuring sumptuous delicacies and various side attraction including the “Dogtoberfest” games for dogs. It lasts 18 days

Glasgow Scotland

Taking place in late October, the Glasgow Oktoberfest is one to not miss. The five-day bash at Green Park is complete with Bavarian dishes, beer tents and more to keep you entertained.

Stuttgart, Germany

The Cannstatter festival takes place along the Neckar River. It runs for 17 days features a hot air balloon race and a spectacular show of fireworks to the already fun Oktoberfest event.

Paris, France

One of the best Oktoberfest in Europe take place Paris Event Center and runs for 10 days. The main festival tent carries about 2000 participants with a live performance of folk music and a blend of both French and German cuisines.

Manchester, United Kingdom

Oktoberfest in Manchester takes place in mid-October at the Albert Square and runs for just 5 days.

Marseilles, France

The Bavarian festival is celebrated in style in Marseille combining German live bands with other parts of the traditional celebration. Hosted at Parc Chanot, it runs for 9 days.

Calella, Barcelona

Calella hosts a beach-side Oktoberfest with the best music. Running for 21 days, visitors are entertained by over 3,000 musicians.

Spreewiesn, Berlin

Imagine an Oktoberfest in a hut! The Spreewiesen Hut is home to the Oktoberfest in Berlin. The festival features lots of traditional beer, pretzels, delicious roast chickens, and good music.

Stockholm, Sweden

Offering the opportunity to enjoy the festival without the large crowd, Stockholm’s Oktoberfest is one of the best in Europe. It features several costumes and runs for 10 days.

London, United Kingdom

Don’t miss out of the Bavarian festival in London. Several events take place in the city including the one in Millwall Park, featuring folk music, Bavarian cuisines, and traditional Oktoberfest garments.

Wandsbeker, Hamburg

Wandsbeker Wiesn hosts one of the best Oktoberfest festivals in Europe. The festival attracts a lot of people with its complete Bavarian beer, dishes and most certainly its free tents. Yes, visitors are allowed into the tents without paying an entrance fee or making reservations. Just like the original in Munich, the festivals run for over two weeks.

Oktoberfest in Munich
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