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The Best Bratwurst

Bratwurst is one of the best examples to show that when a recipe is good, everybody will want to taste it. Bratwurst was born in Germany a long time ago and it is basically a sausage made of different types of meat. Nowadays, we can find more than 1500 recipes of Bratwurst in Germany and many more across the globe. This recipe has become a must-have at any summer barbecue. From the basic supermarket type to exquisite dishes in Michelin starred restaurants, we can say that Bratwurst has taken over the world. We have listed some of the best options to buy and prepare at home and also some of the best restaurants that serve this dish.

Nuremberg Rostbratwurst is one of the most popular pub dishes in Germany. They are finger-sized and accompany a cold beer perfectly. They are made from ground pork, ginger, marjoram, salt, pepper, cardamom and lemon powder. They are a delightful spice bomb. You can either prepare them at home or go to Bratwurstglocklein im Handwerkerhof. This restaurant has been preparing this recipe since 1313 and was the first place in Nuremberg to prepare and serve Bratwurst.

Currywurst is another spiced-up recipe ready to warm your stomach. It was created in Berlin and it is the perfect combination between the traditional recipe and the modern twist of curry. Its history is a hot topic in every Bratwurst book. The recipe became so popular that can now be found at almost every corner in Berlin. Every food stand has its own recipe, so the possibilities are unlimited. Weisswurst is definitely a must-eat if you go to Oktoberfest. These white, fatty sausages are made from minced veal with pork bacon, seasoned with parsley, onion, lemon, mace, ginger and cardamom.  This sausage is traditionally eaten with sweet Bavarian mustard and a large salty pretzel.

Lange Rote is called Freiburg’s shortest landmark and it is indeed a symbol of the city. This sausage is made from pork and herbs and it is served with mustard and a bun. The best place to try this sausage is in Munsterplatz market. This market started serving people wurst in 1120 so they must know how to make the best Lange Rote. Blutwurst is a very edgy choice for someone who hasn’t eaten wurst before. This dish is made from pork blood thickened with bread or oatmeal and seasoned with salt, pepper, marjoram, ginger and thyme. Because of the cooking process the sausage is almost black. This is why this dish is traditionally called tote oma-dead grandma. It is widely served in Europe and the best places to eat them are in Germany and in Cologne.

If you are looking to buy Bratwurst ready for the grill here are some recommendations: Johnsonville Beer ‘N Bratwurst, Archer Farms Beer Bratwurst, Jewel Beer Bratwurst and Trader Joe’s Hofbrau Brats. Bratwurst will remain one of the best dishes around the globe. Whether we are talking about a barbecue or a fancy restaurant, we will probably find in both places at least one recipe of Bratwurst.

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