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The Best Beer Halls in The Best Beer Halls in MunichMunich

If you have ever been to Bavaria and particularly Munich, you will understand the importance of beer as part of the culture of the region. This is not to say this particular part of Germany is an alcoholics delight, it just means that Bavaria has beer at the heart of its culture. Quaffing beer in traditional beer halls for Bavarian’s is just as much about wearing the traditional clothing, eating the associated food, and singing along to the oom-pah band. It is an entire form of entertainment and not somewhere you pop into for a quick pint. Munich has some of the best beer halls in Bavaria, if not all Germany, and here are some of the very best.


The world’s most famous beer hall has to be the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, it is so famous the name is synonymous with beer halls all over the planet. This particular beer hall happens to be one of the oldest as it was established in 1589 to be the royal brewery for the Kingdom of Bavaria. The Holbrahaus is as popular with visitors as locals and it is regularly fully booked with patrons that are called Stammtisch. These highly regarded regulars that have their own personalized steins that are kept in secure locked cases when not in use. If you are peckish you must try the veal sausages or the pork roast.

Weibes Brauhaus

Another longstanding dispensary on the Munich beer hall scene has to be Weibes Brauhaus which has been operating at the same location since the 19th Century. This particular beer hall specializes in wheat beer and has a passionate following of regulars. Each beer has a description on the menu with titles such as Relaxing Moments by the Fire or Refreshing Like a Lively Dance. The food menu is hearty and full of meat dishes as you may expect but there are some surprises such as the lung of veal.

Der Pschorr

Der Pschorr is a quaint building that somehow would suit being an Alpine Chalet it is so cute. But people come to this establishment to drink some of the freshest beer in Munich. Steins are filled straight from the brewing barrels with foaming Hacker-Pschorr-Edelhell beer. Besides its superb beer offerings this beer hall is also famed for its cuisine. Everything they serve is sourced locally from the surrounding Bavarian countryside. Even the sausages are from local Munich butchers. The menu’s highlights include, Pressack Sausage, Murnau Werdenfelser Beef, and Obatzda served with chive bread and onions.

Paulaner Brauhaus

The Paulaner brewery is world famous and they have been making beer since 1889 to the original recipe. The brothers Eugen and Ludwig Thomas started brewing full-bodied lager from the same site all those years ago and Paulaner is just as popular today than it has ever been. The beer hall is as atmospheric as you can get with the shiny copper brewing tanks proudly on display. And the food at this establishment is adventurous with dishes such as Wheat Beer Sorbet. On Mondays there is also an all you can eat Bavarian buffet which is highly popular. If you really want to experience a true German beer hall then there is only one place to go and that is Munich.

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