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Four Great Oktoberfest Beers

The time is here for the celebration of the traditional Oktoberfest. That time of the year when we joyously run down barrels of beer and dance to old countryside music. Oktoberfest is a traditional German festival that runs from the middle of September to early October in Munich, Germany. It is one of the famous celebrations that come with its own beer, the tasty traditional Marzen Lager that is brewed from the early March, largely through the summer and tapped in September ahead of October. This beer is made solely for the Oktoberfest and does not have a long shelve life. Let’s look at four Oktoberfest beers that you cannot afford to taste this Oktoberfest.

Left Hand Oktoberfest Longmont, Colorado

This beer hits a higher ABV than its lederhosen-clad brethren. The left-hand Oktoberfest beer brews for at least two months in other to attain the desired balance between its biscuit maltiness and hop spice. This makes it one of the most stylish beers with typical crisp and delicate flavours. This beer tastes better off a pint glass than a stein. It is also great when bottled but the pint glass gives off its flavours and makes it more attractive. For the Oktoberfest beer loves, this is a great beer to start off the celebration.

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest, Chico California

If you are looking for a premium quality larger brewed by one of the best beer makes in America, then you should get a case of the Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest beer. The brewery is known for their consistency in the production of quality beers and has stood the test of time as one of the best independent craft breweries in America. This beer combines the different legendary German brewery style to bring you a unique concoction for your celebration. Sometimes, the brewery team up with the German Brauhaus Miltenberger which is known for its malty, bready, slightly sweet ale that brings you that exquisite fall feelings.

Ninkasi Oktoberfest Eugene, Oregon

This premium Oktoberfest beer combines the malty taste with a blast of hop to give you an amazing drinking time. The beer comes from the traditional German brewery style and makes a wonderful beer for the celebration. You cannot afford to miss out on this one if you truly appreciate the taste and feeling of the celebration. Best taken from the bottles, this beer has been specially prepared to take you to the next level. The Ninkasi Oktoberfest beer is widely enjoyed throughout the Oktoberfest celebration, grab a case and join the celebration today.

Spaten Oktoberfest Munich, Germany

This is one of the most ubiquitous German beers on the market today. This great beer is available all year round and is widely enjoyed all over German. You cannot actually get into a bar without finding a beer filled with Spaten. This beer gives off that toasted malt flavour that enchants anyone who is fortunate enough to have a sip. Its availability has made it the first-choice beer for all who want to kick off their Oktoberfest celebration early enough or those who are joining the party late.

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