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Best Beer Tours in Germany

You cannot visit Germany and leave without going for a beer tour, if you love beer. You are right at the “Holy Grail” of beers and don’t miss the chance of tasting some of the best brews you can find in a lifetime. This list will guide you through an amazing beer tour in Germany.

Monastery Brewery Andechs in Bavaria

Located in Bavaria, the Andechs Monastery was a place common visited by pilgrims and had observed beer culture from the middle ages until now. The place is on the Holy Mountain overlooking Lake Ammersee. Everything about this place tells a story. You learn the history and how beer is made and get dazed by the beauty of the modern facilities in this place. There is a church building, a restaurant, a pub, a butcher shop, an organic farm and a distillery.

Erdinger Brewery in Munich

If you are looking for the largest wheat brewery in the world, visit Munich and see for yourself. A combination of traditional and modern methods of the brewery, beer made in this place come from the best ingredients anyone can find. There is a high-tech brewery where the product is made. The finished products are stored in a computer-controlled warehouse where they are expected to mature before being released to the public. Over 1 million bottles of beer produced by the factory are for suppliers. However, you can visit the brewery bar and get served with some fresh Hefeweizen.

Becks Brewery in Bremen

Becks beer is one of the world’s famous breweries and is in Bremen, north of Germany. Known for its slightly bitter taste. Becks along with the locally made product, Haake Becks, has been in production since 1879. The building has many attractions such as the brewing rooms, malt silos, and fermentation tanks. There are many things you can learn from Becks beer museum and you are sure to have a taste of the famous beer at the end.

Smoked Beer Brewery in Bamberg

A total of 10 beer breweries are found in the city of Bamberg alone. The amber colored Rauchbier is one of the world’s famous beers. Spezial Brewery, one of the attractive breweries, dates back to 1536. Here malt is dried over an open fire, which gives it the unique smoked flavor. You can have a taste of this special beer at a site 9 miles from the brewery. A comfortable and warm hotel and restaurant wait for you.

Rechenberg Brewery

In the German Ore Mountains, the Rechenberg brewery is one of the oldest functional breweries in Eastern Germany. The building comprises a brewing room built in 1780 with its original and working facilities still is in place. A free taste of the fine Pilsner is always available at the Old Malthouse in the underground vault cellar.

Hofbrau Brewery Tour

Hofbrau Brewery is Germany’s most famous beer and is each week to share its secret to the public. Today, it has turned to a government-owned property and a site where tourists, celebrities, and citizens can visit any time. You are sure to get some training in brewing during your tours. Create time to learn each process and get the fresh taste of the finished product. If you are not satisfied with the sample beer, you can visit the bar and have it as you wish. If you want to keep the experience memorable, a beer souvenir shop is available.

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