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Beers You Must Try If You Haven’t Yet

Beers You Must Try If You Haven’t Yet

There are more beers out there than you can every try, truly. Every year new breweries emerge with their signature drinks and the industry giants offer some new additions to the market as well. Sometimes, you just want your favourite lager, but there are times when the curiosity kicks in, and it’s nice to have somewhere to turn to for advice when it comes to new beers to try. Feel free to explore this list and find a beer you’ll be delighted with. Some you might be able to find in your local supermarkets, for others you’ll need to go a long way to get it, but it makes the experience even more exciting!

Heady Topper

This New England IPA is The IPA – likely it will be the best IPA you’ll ever taste. Produced in the famous Vermont’s brewery “The Alchemist”, this India Pale Ale contains 8% ABV and exhibits hits of citrus right at the very start. Not so long ago it was rated as the fourth best beer in the world by Beer Advocate, a hugely famous online beer rating site, and there are good reasons for that. Its unfiltered, smooth taste comes largely from it being unpasteurized. You’ll need to go places if you want to get it; there are very few establishments authorized to sell it, most in Vermont, and they are usually limited to selling two four-packs per person due to limited amounts. Keep in mind you want to drink it from the can, that’s how it was intended to be!

The Abyss

Are you a fan of stouts? This should be on your beers’ bucket list for a fact then. It hints molasses and is credited a strong flavour by the addition of licorice. Deschutes Brewery went an extra mile when deciding to age this stout in bourbon, wine and New American oak and it shows; it might as well be one of the best Imperial Stouts out there. There is an interesting spin to it – a discussion going on regarding whether you should drink it straight away or let it age. While it is made to be delicious upon release, a year or two in the cellar will give the flavour a spin you’re bound to enjoy. How about two, one for now and one for later?

Saison Dupont

Having been trendy for quite some time, Saison Dupont is fermented and then refermented in the bottle – a complex process for an exquisite outcome. Its thirst-quenching qualities are like no other, and the fine aromas and bitter taste will surely provide a nice and relaxing experience. With ABV of 6.5%, it is best served at nine degrees and is nice to have after a long day of work.

Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen

While there is a chance you might not be able to pronounce it, you are bound to love it if you’re into smokey beers at all. It is not for everyone, that’s a fact, because the taste might remind you of your grill, but you should give it a shot at least once. It is tapped straight from the wooden barrels in keeping with the traditions and will offer you an experience you’ll appreciate. One twist – you might need to go to the Schlenkerla brewery to taste it.

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